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Last weekend of Bluesfest (and the gluten-free findings)

16 Jul

Bluesfest ended up feeling like a marathon to complete! The weather was so hot but I was so determined to get to Bluesfest early for the local acts…

Saturday was what many had dubbed “Bjork day”. Friends of the jamboree Roberta Bondar kicked off the day!


The sun made the band so back-lit! Sorry Roberta Bondar for the poor photo quality.


I intercepted some friends with some glutenous food options.


Burgers were the biggest seller at the festival.



I heard the Jalapeno grilled cheese was the best at the Grilled Cheese booth.



Fish and Chips!


Most of the food options at Bluesfest are fried, battered or accompanied by potatoes. If you follow the Paleo diet you may not find many options for you but fortunately I found some gluten free options.


My giant ‘meal’ of poutine! Too many carbs were consumed this past week..


Not only was the gravy gluten free (and vegetarian) but the french fries were fried in their own separate oil.

Due to her request, I took no photos of Bjork. Her show was incredible though!!!

Sunday was even hotter!

I treated myself to a staycation at a local bed and breakfast.


Pretty close to Bluesfest, The Gilmour Inn is highly recommended by me and was a nice place too take a nap between bands we wanted to see that day.


Bacon-Wrapped Baked Eggs with Gluten Free Toast and Tomato Chutney. Thanks Gilmore Inn!


Despite the heat I tried the last gluten free option I could find. It was a Carribean goat curry. I found it expensive ($13) compared to the Indian curry I had had but it was pretty tasty. I was so hungry and hot I didn’t take a photo.


Monkey Junk playing to a great receptive crowd on the last day of Bluesfest 2013.


The last day of Bluesfest was full of awesome blues music including locals Monkey Junk and Miss Polygamy. I will post those photos next blog post..

All in all I found very little gluten free options during Bluesfest. Mind you, I didn’t have any popsicles but really I’m happy I brought my own snacks. What would be nice is a gluten free option that is small and snackable (that also isn’t the kettle corn – although that smelled delicious)

Till next year!


RBC Bluesfest Day 4

7 Jul

A cloudy day here at the festival but Steve Adamyk Band and Fevers are getting me out to play. Oh and also the other amazing artists – Wu Tang, Lily Frost, Diamond Rings..




I’m a tad under the weather today so warm and spicy food is what I’m needing.

I was disappointed that Green Papaya didn’t have warm dishes that were gluten free. I appreciated how knowledgeable they were about what had gluten and what didn’t.


I wish I had these summer rolls on a hotter day. The lemongrass iced tea was amazing though. A little too sweet for me but it hit the spot after I scarfed down the rolls with a ton of chili sauce.

The best meal I’ve had so far is the Indian tandoori chicken with lentils and the butter chicken.




The tandoori chicken is the most affordable full meal at the festival and the healthiest. The only issue is that you have to eat it sitting down. This ain’t no burger and fries.

RBC Bluesfest Day 3

6 Jul

Today is my first day ‘reporting’ – if you will – and it’s a HOT sunny day!


As lovely as I’m sure the festival food is, being gluten intolerant poses some problems. Just to be sure I’ll have something to eat (and to be kind to my pocket), I’m packing myself a lunch of dinner leftovers made into a sandwich on home made bread.

Pictured is my garam masala seared tofu with homemade mustard, lettuce and kosher pickles.

One trick to beat the heat is to eat cooling crisp veggies.. So think cucumber, lettuce and fresh green herbs such as parsley and cilantro. Others may find that eating spicy food may help! It all depends on your body type.

Local bands today are The Gallop, NDMA and Camp Radio.



Camp Radio




Baringer rose and Amadou & Miriam


Fitz and the Tantrums



$5 cookie and coffee break between acts.

See you there!!

RBC Bluesfest Day 1.

4 Jul

Eva Bee here fresh from editing our latest episode with The Balconies. Preparing for two weeks of music to come feels daunting but it will be full of in depth discovery on the connection between food and music – festival style!


Can $100 get me through 10 evenings of festivals??

This year’s Bluesfest has many Ottawa bands.. And food options! Keep coming back for updates on my festival food recommendations (gluten-free of course).

See you there!


Hydration and prep.

Media // Food Stylin’ with Zebrassieres & Future Cooking Class with Kathy Smart

22 Oct

Check out the following links for some media I’m involved in:

Firstly, Zebrassieres have a new music video. I play synth in the band and food styled an epic meal we gorge on for our latest music video Lone Fish.

Secondly, Airing on Sundays at 7pm on Rogers Cable 22 is Live the Smart Way – The first North American gluten free cooking show. I helped prep and food style them delicious food for the camera! (photos to come..)

Thirdly, I will be assisting Kathy Smart during her next cooking class “Gluten-free & Wheat-free Cooking” happening this Monday October 24th at Rideau High School.

Oh Kathy, you're so damn nice!