RBC Bluesfest Day 4

7 Jul

A cloudy day here at the festival but Steve Adamyk Band and Fevers are getting me out to play. Oh and also the other amazing artists – Wu Tang, Lily Frost, Diamond Rings..




I’m a tad under the weather today so warm and spicy food is what I’m needing.

I was disappointed that Green Papaya didn’t have warm dishes that were gluten free. I appreciated how knowledgeable they were about what had gluten and what didn’t.


I wish I had these summer rolls on a hotter day. The lemongrass iced tea was amazing though. A little too sweet for me but it hit the spot after I scarfed down the rolls with a ton of chili sauce.

The best meal I’ve had so far is the Indian tandoori chicken with lentils and the butter chicken.




The tandoori chicken is the most affordable full meal at the festival and the healthiest. The only issue is that you have to eat it sitting down. This ain’t no burger and fries.


RBC Bluesfest Day 3

6 Jul

Today is my first day ‘reporting’ – if you will – and it’s a HOT sunny day!


As lovely as I’m sure the festival food is, being gluten intolerant poses some problems. Just to be sure I’ll have something to eat (and to be kind to my pocket), I’m packing myself a lunch of dinner leftovers made into a sandwich on home made bread.

Pictured is my garam masala seared tofu with homemade mustard, lettuce and kosher pickles.

One trick to beat the heat is to eat cooling crisp veggies.. So think cucumber, lettuce and fresh green herbs such as parsley and cilantro. Others may find that eating spicy food may help! It all depends on your body type.

Local bands today are The Gallop, NDMA and Camp Radio.



Camp Radio




Baringer rose and Amadou & Miriam


Fitz and the Tantrums



$5 cookie and coffee break between acts.

See you there!!

RBC Bluesfest Day 1.

4 Jul

Eva Bee here fresh from editing our latest episode with The Balconies. Preparing for two weeks of music to come feels daunting but it will be full of in depth discovery on the connection between food and music – festival style!


Can $100 get me through 10 evenings of festivals??

This year’s Bluesfest has many Ottawa bands.. And food options! Keep coming back for updates on my festival food recommendations (gluten-free of course).

See you there!


Hydration and prep.

Ethiopian Coffee

17 Jun

At my friend’s house getting treated to authentic Ethiopian coffee.

The birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia, have a culture of traditionalists when it comes to drinking the communal beverage.

The method of preparing it is from roasting the raw green coffee bean on the stove.


Washing the raw beans in warm water in a special coffee roasting pan.



Roasting the beans while stirring from med-hi heat to low.



Mmm. So close to roastiness.



Coffee in a grinder while the clay pot full of water warms up. Ground coffee and cloves are put into the clay pot and left to cook, covered until steam rises.


The coffee will roast until steam escapes the mouth of the pot (throw in a few whole cloves in there for a slight floral taste).


Azeb, the lovely hostess!


Oh! And food is always served with coffee.


Friends, coffee, tradition, food! These are a few of my favourite things!!

New website coming soon!

13 Jun

Hey party people,

In lieu of my absence from WordPress, I’ve been working on some in-depth blog posts including summer festival food tips, my food travels to Scotland & Italy, forays into Gluten-Free cooking (due to a recent diagnosis) and some exciting news regarding a pending televised launch of my show Eva Bee’s Jamboree (www.evabee.com).

Below is our latest episode featuring world champion performance poet Ian Keteku.
Thanks so much and stay tuned!

Aye, yae, yae! Eva Bee’s Jamboree – Episode 1 // Peach Chutney

6 Sep

Hey ya’ll

As the peaches are coming to a mush and rare state, why not preserve them!
Many apologies for being absent from writing – more to come soon! I’ve been working on the following cooking show where we cook seasonally with musicians: Enjoy!



Events // Fun for the weekend!

27 Jul

There are two really fun events this weekend…

One.. a Bee Beard competition in Aylmer.. Enough said. This Saturday!

Second. The annual Herbfest. Cooking demos, prizes, food vendors on a beautiful herb farm – This Sunday!