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House of Paint 10th anniversary!!

11 Sep

At House of Paint, you’ll find…

Live art
Poetry.. Of the slam variety

And so much more!

As June Jamboree guest (and international slam poetry winner) Ian Keteku (see interview and cooking segment below) once told me, performance poetry is the art of performing fluid and lyrical poetry. The ‘slam’ aspect of it is the battle itself in a live venue.

Yesterday, some very talented folk of many different backgrounds gathered at the infamous Babylon venue in Ottawa for this great event.

After a long night of battling head to head with the audience and guest judges judging who goes ahead and who gets bumped out, one can work up quite and appetite.

I decided to ask some of the evening’s performers what their favourite food was as a child since poems can evoke some strong memories of the past.

D’bi Young (the evening’s incredible guest of honour) loved simple fried plantain in vegetable oil (now she does it in coconut oil).

Commander C immediately remembered eating Fruit Loops (the multicoloured sugary cereal). But every time he tries to get that same feeling again.. It never tastes the same.


Really got to get a real camera for this and not just use my phone! Apologies!!


Hyf GypsySun

Also loved fried plantains. But this time it was remembered as an art piece with refried beans and cream.. Like two armies colliding into a fun world of swirls!!


Strike a pose.


Apollo The Child

Pizza. Broccoli, olive and mushroom!


Drinking fresh and then boiled camel’s milk from the farm brings back great memories of Sense-Say’s grandmother.


Again.. dark venue and camera phone.


Ali Islam

says his grandmother’s hummus was great! He thinks the secret must have been the garlic.


So dark in Babylon! I mean.. it’s ART xox


Andre Prefontaine

Ginger beef from the night before left on the counter. The overnight cold factor is KEY.


And the winner of the evening is!


Pizza with green olives.

Why olives? They “hold it down”.. every bite, you get a small morsel of delicious briny goodness.


So what will you do this weekend?

Paint It!!