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Events // Fun for the weekend!

27 Jul

There are two really fun events this weekend…

One.. a Bee Beard competition in Aylmer.. Enough said. This Saturday!

Second. The annual Herbfest. Cooking demos, prizes, food vendors on a beautiful herb farm – This Sunday!


Thanks Otesha!

24 Jul

Recently I was a guest presenter to the Otesha Pedal to Plate bike tour.

The pedal to plate tour is a 9 day long tour around Ottawa to local producers and farmers large and small scale. They are a mobile bike community creating a new tent city every village they enter. They cook, eat and discuss the ramifications of our current food system on the locals who produce it. This is just a small description of all that goes on. It is volunteer run and they are currently looking for people to join in on their 7 week tours starting in September.
Here are some photos of the participants of the Pedal to Plate tour! Miss you guys and hope the tour went well! xo

Here’s a video they made documenting the day:

The bestest veggie burgers ever! tip: bake for 15min flipping once half way before BBQing!

Pulled Chicken Sandwiches & Borscht

22 Jul

Lunch of champions.

You don’t need to roast a pork for hours to get the same (similar) delicious effect…
You can use chicken as well! This is a great way to use left over roast chicken. And, surprise surprise, I’m using michaelsdolce jam!

Pulled Chicken for Two

1 1/2 cup shredded chicken (mix of white and dark meat)
3 tbsp michaelsdolce peach cardamom jam
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
2 tbsp apple cider
1/8 cup chopped green onion
sea salt & pepper to taste

Top with lettuce and grainy dijon on a kaiser bun and enjoy with a summery dill beet borscht.

Catering Services Update!

20 Jul

Hey ya’ll..

Just wanted to direct your attention to the services tab to your right.

There you will find a price list for two new services I offer: Private cooking classes and Chef-At-Home catering!

Check it!

Family style home cooked Turkey Pho, Miso-Sesame Rice Noodles with Beet & Kale Slaw