Breakfast // Trout Spread and Bacon on Spelt Drop Biscuits

3 Oct

Give yourself some eye candy. Even if (especially if) you're eating alone.

1. Make Quick Drop Biscuits from The Joy of Cooking because you need bread immediately and feel like using up the spelt flour from your cupboard.
2. Fry 2 slices of turkey bacon your mom gave you that she bought from Costco.
3. Meanwhile, slice 3 drop biscuits that have been sitting around in half and spread generously with Red Apron Quebec Trout Spread or Herbed Cream Cheese.
4. Move bacon to cutting board.
5. Put biscuits in the pan where the bacon was to toast the bottom of them with residual heat while you cut the bacon in cubes.
6. Top little biscuits with bacon and garnish with parsley to cut the fattiness…
7. Put some friggin vegetables on the plate so you don’t die.


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