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Tried, Tested and True #1 // How I used Chinese Greens and Fried Tofu

30 Sep

So, normally I would hop on my bike and have a nice ride to Parkdale or Byward Market while local produce is still around. But, it was one of those days..

I headed over to my local grocery Kowloon Market (Somerset @ Arthur) to pick up some things to make dinner. I wanted some tofu. However, I prepare it in such a way that even Chinese brands of ‘firm’ tofu aren’t firm enough.

I took a glance at this and some hope was renewed:

Fried tofu blocks @ Kowloon Market $1.99

Cons: Normally, I would be a stickler for Organic Soya Beans because of the proliferation of Soya mono-crops on our precious farmland, but I decided to pick this up in pure hunger and curiosity.

Pros: This block is conveniently divided into 4 and it doesn’t seem like it’s necessary to keep it soaked in water like conventional tofu blocks. It’s yummy!

Gailan: the tops are like spinach, slightly bitter and the bottoms have a great texture with a likeness to broccoli stems.

I knew my body was just CRAVING greens and Kowloon sure has a large selection. Choosing them can be tough (especially when you’re not sure how to cook half of them..) I chose this one because it’s in a lot of those ‘greens’ dishes you get a So Good.

With these I decided to make a pasta dish using some ricotta from The Red Apron.


Here’s how I made this:

Gluten-free Corn Pasta & Ricotta with Local Roasted Beets, Gailan and Tamari Fried Tofu

There’s this great brand called Deli-Free which makes a great line of gluten-free pastas (you can pick it up at Nicastro’s (Glebe).

As enough pasta for two was boiling,
I steamed 6 ‘bunches’ of Chinese Greens (5min) separately and
sauteed one block of Fried Tofu, cubed in a medium saucepan, on medium with
1 tbsp tamari,
1 tbsp sunflower oil
1 clove minced garlic.

add to tofu:
strained Chinese Greens, choppedĀ  and stir to absorb flavours,
add basil or herbs, pepper, etc. to taste.

Once pasta is cooked, strain and stir in with veggies.
Even add in 1 sliced roasted local beet if you got one lying around in your fridge.

Top with a glob of ricotta and 1/2 tbsp ground flax seed (for added health benefits).


Press // Lavish yourself for lunch.

27 Sep


Check out my day job as featured in today’s Ottawa Metro food section!
Metro – Lavish lunches at The Red Apron.

I make these bad boys daily, they change daily, and I have a cute new outfit daily – Nice.


27 Sep

I’m new here on the blog-o-meatball.
Check back for foodie lovemaking


How to Make a Fired Egg by Luca Fiore featuring your’s truly.